Corporate Events

Tattoo painting Glitter tattoos  I  Metallic tattoos  I  Face painting  I  Colored sketch  I  Black and white caricature  I  Pottery  I  Clay art  I  Mehendi

Parrot astrology  I  Tarot card reader  I  Astrologer  I  Magic show  I  Modern Puppet show  I  Big bubble show (Person can stand inside the bubble)

Art and Craft 

Paper made -  Wall hanging Scenari and Headgear  I  Pebbles painting  I  Pottery making  I  Magnetic car  I  Slime making  I  Spin Art  I  

Rajasthani Activities 

Bioscope  I  Rajasthani troop for musical performance  I  Puppet show (traditional katputli dance)  I  Lark ki chudi  I  Kal belia dance  I  Kachchi ghodi


Feed the clown  I  Hoopla  I  Gun shooting  I  Archery for adults  I  Archery for kids  I  Glass pyramid  I  Balloon dart  I  Roll the dice  I  Lucky 7  I  Spin the wheel  I  Ball in the basket  I  Nerf gun shooting  I  Bowling Alley 


Jungle bouncy  I  6 in 1 bouncy  I  Slide bouncy  I  Castle bouncy  I  Ball pool bouncy  I  Indoor bouncy  I  Airplane  I  Toy Train 


Balloon decor   I  Customized decor  I  Theme decor